• Tom Van Wie

Here's an Idea!

What do Netflix, Star Wars, and the Iphone have in common? At one time, they were all just a germ of an idea in someone's mind!

Make no mistake, establishing and cultivating a culture that values proactive IDEATION can lead to STUPENDOUS things! Particularly in the entertainment industry, and especially within an organization's marketing department. It's a small effort that reaps large rewards.

If joyful and inspired time to ruminate on creative new ideas are not already a part of your operational norm, here are three simple tips to get you started:

1. Create an Environment for Ideation - continually tap into the collective brainpower of your teams to solve problems, develop original ideas, and create a space for people to be their greatest selves.

2. Proactively Integrate Creative Thinking Into the Culture - encourage all employees to share their ideas for initiatives, campaigns, and improving the company's strategy.

3. Ask the Right Questions Often - If you never ask, you'll never know the ideas or obstacles facing your team members. Solicit feedback on what they need to succeed in their roles, and support them in their endeavors to find solutions.

Tom Van Wie is a bona fide brand passionate with almost 20 years experience in entertainment marketing. He currently provides consulting and coaching services to clients in the media and entertainment industries.

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