• Tom Van Wie

Five Tips to Cultivate Creativity

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Creativity needs to be nurtured, cultivated and practiced. And there are many simple—and fun—ways to let your creativity loose. Here are five practices to harness creativity in your organization:

1. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike. Sometimes good ideas just pop into our heads. But more often it takes effort. Imagination is powerful, but it needs to be shocked and stimulated at times.

2. Make time for creating. Fitting creativity into your life, whether it’s 15 minutes or several hours, has far-reaching effects.

3. Set a deadline. While the idea of waiting around for inspiration to strike is nice, you rarely can postpone a project ‘til your muse finally wakes up.

4. Learn from others. Study the people who do what you want to do. And it doesn’t have to be people in your field.

5. Work within guidelines and limits. While creativity needs room to breathe, setting limits also is valuable. Narrowing what’s available to you at certain intervals forces you to try new things and think creatively later.

Tom Van Wie is a bona fide brand passionate with almost 20 years experience in entertainment marketing. He currently provides consulting and coaching services to clients in the media and entertainment industries.

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