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People - Passion - Purpose - Product

Our customized services are uniquely tailored to meet the business to business and business to consumer

marketing objectives of today's entertainment and media brands.

Brand Architecture & Engineering
A Brand is a Promise to Emotionally Enrich People's Lives
A well articulated brand mission with clear purpose empowers every level of an organization. m{art}keting  provides consultation and coaching services specifically designed for media and entertainment brands that will elevate positioning, impact, and performance. Through a holistic and hands-on process that includes stakeholders at every level, we evaluate and refine brand strategy in six key areas. Team alignment is inspired and cultivated through commitment to a common mission, set of values, and creative filters that empower each individual to act as brand ambassadors and deliver greater results.
  • Craft a a well articulated brand mission with clear purpose that empowers every level of an organization to communicate brand value.

  • Transform individuals into  brand ambassadors with the ability to set goals and define a memorable identity among clients, consumers, and partners.

  • Align  identity, mission, and values  with culture, products and methods to create high impact brand leadership. 

Organizational Design & Performance Streamlining
Brand Success Always Begins Within its Own Four Walls
Are your organization’s values, culture, and structure aligned with your core mission, business objectives and leadership success factors? m{art}keting provides consultation and coaching services to help media and entertainment brands streamline their marketing operations and achieve higher levels of efficiency, productivity, and creative output. Through one on one conversations with all interdependent team members, a thorough operational analysis is conducted to identify competing success principles, communication barriers, and workflow challenges. A uniquely tailored “Evolution Opportunities” plan is then constructed to roadmap solutions that strengthen marketing’s operational capabilities and positive impact on the overall business strategy.
  • Create an organizational design that fosters alignment, establishes clear communication channels, and increases productivity.

  • Implement processes that yield better results and meet the needs of team members, clients, customers and other stakeholders.

  • Build trust and commitment across functions and divisions to effect change, innovate new services and products, and get results.

Modern Marketing Strategy &
Project Management
Marketers Comprise the First Line of Storytelling

Who is your target audience and how are you engaging with them? How well do your products fulfill market needs? m{art}keting provides consultation and coaching services to media and entertainment brands designed to hone strategic focus and propel specific marketing initiatives to higher levels of impact. A creative strategy is developed to ensure targeting of the right audience with communications that are persuasive and effective. Creative resources explore new perspectives and embrace ideation with a clearly defined vision for success. The collective work culminates in a modern marketing plan that mobilizes outreach, actively engages, and generates demand across all relevant touch-points.

  • Every team discovers new ways to communicate in order to go beyond the status quo and achieve goals.

  • By gaining a thorough understanding of how to properly apply modern tools and techniques, marketers are able to create memorable experiences that build trust, credibility, and loyalty which lead to more effective results.

  • Positioned as thought leaders, cultivate inbound and outbound expertise utilizing all traditional and digital tools.