Serving film, television, and digital entertainment brands, m{art}keting’s culture integrated consultation and coaching services help your business to cultivate a clearly defined strategy, streamline internal processes, and deploy modern marketing methods to effectively reach, engage, and grow your target audience.

Two-Week to One-Month Partnership Program: ​


 - Exploration and discovery of the brand culture and company priorities 

 - “Vision” dialog with key stakeholders at every level

 - Hands-on evaluation of current roles. processes, and procedures

 - Delivery of a focused creative strategy aligned with business growth objectives

Partnership package: 40 Monthly On-Site Hours | Unlimited Email & Phone Accessibility 

One-Month to Three-Month Partnership Program ​

 - Expand the creative strategy into an actionable plan 

 - Identify and prioritize the platforms of opportunity

 - Develop on-strategy tactical plans with leaders of key departments

 - Initiate a project management tool to track progress

Partnership Package: 40 Monthly On-Site Hours | Unlimited Email & Phone Accessibility 

Three-Month Plus Partnership Program

  - Advisory management of all aspects of plan implementation

  - Lead team development, motivation and culture shift integration

  - Operational streamlining evaluation and recommendation

  - One year road map for continued growth and success

Partnership Package: 40 Monthly On-Site Hours | Unlimited Email & Phone Accessibility 

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